Terms and Conditions

Orders are subject to availability. CSFC may supply an alternative model to those listed. CSFC reserves the right to exchange the vehicle at any time. The vehicle exchange will be at the convenience of the hirer within 5 working days of our request.

Each rental agreement is 28 days long unless otherwise stated and is referred hereafter as the rental period.

The hirer will provide comprehensive insurance for any vehicle(s) hired from CSFC and complete an insurance indemnity form for each order. It is your responsibility to insure the Vehicle from the moment you take it until the time it is returned to us or collected by us. You must insure it to its full value against loss or damage (including windscreen damage) by accident fire or theft under a fully comprehensive insurance policy with a reputable insurance company. You must supply us with full details whenever we ask for them and in any event before you take charge of the vehicle and you must tell the insurance company to note our interest on the policy.

CSFC must hold a copy of the hirer’s current insurance certificate on file. If these insurance details alter in anyway, CSFC must be notified immediately. It is your responsibility to keep insurance valid and up to date at all times; this includes updating your insurance policy if an exchange or additional vehicle is supplied, any insurance certificate or cover note supplied must be valid for a minimum of 28 days, we will not accept insurance policies that do not cover the vehicle (s) for the whole period of the first month of the rental.

Not all insurance companies will cover a hire vehicle on a short term lease agreement; therefore we recommend you use our preferred supplier, Stride Limited, to obtain a suitable quotation.

It is a legal requirement that CSFC need to register valid driving license details on the rental agreement upon delivery of a vehicle. Where a vehicle is covered by customers own insurance, it is not necessary to view each individual hirers driving license. However, to comply with the Law, details of a valid license must be entered on the rental agreement with the details matching those of the Card used for payment of the hire.

Any damage is to be reported to CSFC immediately, you are NOT allowed to carry out any repairs to the vehicle (or let anyone else do so) if the cost of those repairs exceeds £25 unless you get our written permission first.

If we do authorise any repairs then we will refund the cost to you if you produce a VAT receipt and whatever parts you have replaced. If the repair cost is greater than £25 then an estimate for repairs will need to be sent to CSFC immediately who will then decide where the vehicle is to be repaired.

The vehicle will remain on rent to The Lessee until it is repaired and in a rentable condition. CSFC will always assist the hirer in repairing a vehicle as quickly as possible, and at a competitive price. Any charge/invoice relating to an accident such as recovery charges. Road repairs etc. will be invoiced to the hirer and is due within 7 days. The Lessee is responsible for reclaiming any insured losses.

Any person signing the agreement on behalf of a company must be authorised to do so and if not so authorised will be personally liable to pay all such sums due under this agreement to the extent that the company fails to pay them. It is the responsibility of the Hirer or their agent to inspect the vehicle upon delivery and agree the condition of the vehicle with the CSFC representative.

Upon return of the vehicle, CSFC reserve the right to re-inspect the vehicle within 48 hours of collection. If any additional damage is noted, you will be informed together with photographic evidence for the Lessee to see and substantiate CSFC’s claim, then this will be invoiced to The Hirer. Should the interior of the vehicle be excessively dirty, a valeting charge will be incurred.

All CSFC vehicles are covered by the relevant manufacturer’s assistance service. Should a breakdown/accident occur the driver should contact the relevant service immediately? (Numbers will be supplied at commencement of rental period). Upon inspection of a breakdown, if the vehicle is going to be off the road for 24 hours or more then, a replacement vehicle can be provided if required, by CSFC or their agent. If the breakdown is due to driver negligence/ poor driving/ accident, any expenses incurred by CSFC are chargeable to The Hirer. (Where a replacement vehicle is provided a like for like replacement is not guaranteed).

All vehicles are supplied on a non-maintained agreement unless maintenance is purchased at an additional cost from CSFC. Whilst a vehicle is on rent, it is the responsibility of The Hirer to ensure that oil, water and fluid levels are checked regularly and replenished to recommended levels when necessary. The costs of these items are the responsibility of The Hirer. The Hirer must also ensure that both tyre condition and pressures are checked regularly. It is your responsibility to repair or replace windscreen/glass damage and keep the vehicle in good condition at all times. Should any fault occur in the running of the vehicle, it is the responsibility of The Hirer to notify CSFC immediately to prevent further damage.

A vehicle will need to be exchanged for a new one within 5 working days when requested by CSFC. If a vehicle exchange is cancelled within 48 hours of the date arranged an abortive penalty may be charged.

You will need to select the mileage allowance at the start of your hire, either 1,000 or 2,000, miles per Rental Period. Excess mileage charges vary dependent on the vehicle supplied and can be found on your schedule, they are charged on pence per mile basis, with excess mileage chargeable after every vehicle exchange and vehicle off-hire. Excess miles will be calculated by multiplying the days of hire (from first day of hire to date of exchange or off-hire) by the relevant mileage allowance. CSFC must be notified once the vehicle odometer has covered over 10,000 miles. If the vehicle is driven in excess of 12,000 miles on the odometer without the prior written consent of CSFC, excess mileage will be charged as per your schedule of charges.

If a vehicle is returned with a lesser amount of fuel as recorded on the rental agreement, the refuelling cost, to the recorded level is 15% above the average pump price of the preceding month. This will be made and charged to The Hirer. Under Customs and Excise rules, the total cost of this service is subject to VAT.

You are liable for certain charges as if you were the owner of the Vehicle. Those charges are: Any Parking Tickets, Speeding Fines, Congestion Charges + Bus Lane Offence Fines incurred during the rental period will be the responsibility of The Hirer; any such charges will be billed together with an administration fee of £40.00 + VAT per offence. The renter is responsible for any parking charges and fines or towing fees incurred once the vehicle is delivered and until collected by a representative of CSFC. Any vehicles left in a car park and not returned to an agreed location will be subject to collection, towing and or parking charges.

Is chargeable depending on the desired location of delivery, for costs on this please ask a member of the sales team for a quote. CSFC will specify a delivery / collection day but are unable to specify an exact time.

The Hirer must be present both for collection and delivery of the vehicle or if a company a representative must be available for signature of all necessary paperwork and to agree the condition of the vehicle as per section 6, Failure to do so will result in all noted damage becoming the Hirer’s responsibility and being recharged to the Hirer.

All rental periods are payable in advance with a deposit payable, the deposit is usually equal to 1 rental period, dependent on the vehicle supplied. Vehicles cannot be released until funds are cleared into our account. Monthly payments must be made by credit / debit card. The deposit will be returned at termination of hire and cannot be used as the final month’s payment.

All payments for Rental’s will be collected on or just before the end of the current rental Period which is 28 days unless otherwise stated. All Flexi- Contracts are subject to a credit search on the company or individual and may require an advance payment with a reduction to the monthly rental rate.

To off-hire a vehicle we require a minimum of 7 working days written confirmation acknowledged by CSFC prior to the start of a new rental period. Unless we received this confirmation T will automatically renew the agreement on an on-going basis. Terminated vehicles can only be collected on Weekdays (Monday – Friday) and not at weekends (Saturday and Sunday) as our offices are closed.

If you select a 6 rental period discounted rate and the vehicle is returned early, the minimum charge is 3 rental periods. If you select a 12 rental period discounted rate and the vehicle is returned early, the minimum charge is 6 rental periods and will be charged at the 6 rental period rate.

All the terms and conditions outlined in this document will apply at all times unless agreed in writing by CSFC. CSFC reserve the right to amend our procedures and / or charges set out in this agreement from time to time. Such changes to the procedures and / or charges will be notified to the hirer/s in writing.

With our Flexi-Contract you can just keep extending the hire in rental periods unless CSFC requests the vehicle be returned.  Once a vehicle has been requested for return you can choose to have another vehicle delivered to replace your current vehicle. Our Flexi-Contract product allows you to return the vehicle at the end of the minimum period you initially chose, you could however extend the hire for as long as you wish at the same rate. We may however need to change your vehicle during the extended period (see section’s 9 + 10).


  • All rentals are payable 28 days in advance unless otherwise agreed; vehicles cannot be released until funds are cleared into our account.
  • All payments for rentals will be collected every 28 days unless otherwise stated.
  • All payments must be available for collection on the day the extension is due, failed payments will be deemed as a breach of the terms and conditions and will incur a late payment charge of £7.00 per day for each day the payment remains overdue.
  • Consecutive late/non-payments will result in the removal of the vehicle and hirer being placed on a bad risk database.
  • Please note that we only accept payment by a Major Credit/Debit card. We do not accept Visa Electron, Solo or any pre-paid Credit/Debit card.

A full list of all other terms and conditions can be found on the back of your rental agreement.

The Lessee agrees to the terms as detailed above in this agreement.