Flexi Contracts

What is a Flexi Contract?

Flexi Contracts from Clive Sutton provide a new way to provide mobility in a vehicle to suit the purpose or circumstances. Clive Sutton Flexi Contracts is basically a cross between contract hire and daily rental bringing together the best parts of both. It’s a short term contract hire of a vehicle with the advantages of a daily rental contract.

Fully maintained and with variable mileage so you drive as much as you need to and are charged accordingly.

With conventional funding you are locked into a vehicle for 3 or 4 years.  If you like to change your car frequently without any capital outlay you can rent a choice of vehicles for periods from one month to 12 months with no long term commitments and variety.

We have partnered up with some of the largest corporate fleet operators to be able to offer a wide range of the latest models , from Mini to Maserati, Jaguar and Range Rover and sport and executive BMW and Mercedes Benz models

  • New start employees on 3 months’ probation:  Now you don’t need to buy outright or on a conventional  3/4 year lease. If you want to keep the vehicle you can migrate to a longer term contract even on the same vehicle.
  • If you are normally driving a sports car but want a 4WD for the winter, why not park up your car and rent a new 4WD for a few months.
  • Do you need to bridge the gap between a car purchase or an accident repair? With lead times stretching months you can cash up your own car to maximise value and take a Flexi contract car to fill in until your new car arrives.
  • Do you want to drive a car for a month before ordering one. Use Clive Sutton Flexi Contracts to keep mobile until the new car arrives.
  • Are you coming into London to work for a few months on contract and want a decent set of wheels and don’t want to be lumbered with conventional daily rental charges.
  • Pay for mobility when you need it rather than leaving vehicles sitting unused for long periods.
  • Are you finding it difficult to get car finance? Do you need some time to repair your credit rating and wish to be mobile in a decent car?
  • All vehicles are fully maintained and your only costs are insurance and fuel.
  • Available for corporate and private individuals.
  • Your minimum commitment is 28 days and you can extend a month at a time. All we asked is 7 days’ notice if you intend to extend for another month.
  • Check out the current live examples of typical flexi contract offers. Adjust the period to see how the rate changes with time.
  • Easy click through to complete you request and submit online.
  • Vehicles will under 18 months old with the majority under 6 months old.